For Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals

Who I work with

I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and sales professionals whose compensation is a function of revenues generated. These professionals understand that in order to be successful they must improve the way they self promote. The industries they come from include financial services, real estate, consulting, coaching, consumer, and technology.

The professionals I work with are highly motivated self starters who spend long hours at work and still find time to enjoy some leisure activities. They are adept at multi tasking yet find that staying focused on building and growing their business often gets pushed aside by more pressing needs.  They are at a juncture in their careers and need to do things differently so they can standout and be more secure and successful.

Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • You do a good job but it’s hard getting the word out to potential clients. You need to grow your franchise, expand your network, and develop new relationships but you have run out of ideas.
  • You are finding it hard to stand out from an increasingly crowded market. The competition has grown and you need a new way to be heard.
  • Your business has grown but you seem to have lost control of its direction. You started out providing a variety of services to clients just to get business but now you want to narrow your offerings to those projects you love to work on but don’t know how to go about doing that. You want improved focus in your business so you can market yourself better and do more of what you enjoy doing.
  • You don’t think clients see you the same way you see yourself and want to change their perceptions. You want clients to give you a chance to provide them with new or different offerings but are stuck with how they already perceive you.
  • You want to charge more of a premium for your services but can’t convince clients of your value. You work in a business where there is so much competition and you are viewed as a commodity.
  • You want to take advantage of social media but are not sure how to start. You have a website and maybe even a twitter and linkedIn account but they don’t seem to be working.
  • You need help with the messaging on your website but don’t have the time to do it. It no longer conveys who you are or what you do.

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    How I work

    Your Career by Design is dedicated to helping you build your business and stand out from the competition by defining and communicating your personal brand. A strong personal brand will drive your success. Through a structured three step process which utilizes assessments and outside feedback, and in conjunction with guidance by a seasoned career professional with entrepreneurial expertise, you will achieve your goals.


    • Energized by the process of self discovery
    • In control of your professional life
    • Greater confidence in dealing with clients/competitors/employers/colleagues
    • Increased income
    • Thrive better in an economic downturn
    • Build a stronger reputation with a strong personal brand

    Beliefs, values, and principles

    Your unique talents, skills, experience, and passions help you to stand out from your competitors. By building a strong personal brand, you develop a solid reputation. By knowing how to effectively communicate your brand you build career success.

    My process

    A strong personal brand is critical to your success. Utilizing a three step process that incorporates assessments, outside feedback, and self examination we work together to help uncover your unique promise of value that differentiates you from your competitors. Your personal brand is a reflection of your vision of the world, your purpose in supporting that vision, your values, and your passions. When you are clear about your goals, the messaging you create will be consistent with your personal brand. Your marketing plan will be in line with what you enjoy doing and what you can accomplish on a regular basis.

    Why you should work with me

    I have over 25 years of experience as an executive recruiter, career coach, and entrepreneur. Positioning professionals so they can capitalize on and create opportunities to move their careers and business forward is my passion. My unique approach to helping clients strategically grow their business and build their careers comes from my extensive experience and first hand knowledge of what it takes to be successful in a competitive industry. This unique combination helps clients reach their full potential and achieve their career goals.

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    Mary’s positive attitude infused me with renewed energy … She provided me with the tools –the structure, the messaging, the brand definition – that gave me the confidence and ability to market myself more effectively … I can now talk to and connect with people in a way far beyond what I thought possible.

    Stuart S. - Retail and Supply Chain Systems Professional

    If you aren't going all the way,
    why go at all?

    Joe Namath