A Client Appreciation Story

Mary Rosenbaum | October 21st, 2010

Have you shown your appreciation to your clients lately? I recently heard a great story and wanted to share it with you.

A group of guys I know have been going for a drink after work to Bobby Van’s for years. Bobby Van’s is a well known restaurant in midtown NYC near their office. They have gotten to know the bartenders well and sometimes eat at the bar before heading home. One night last week three of them went to Bobby Van’s. While there the head maitre’d, someone they rarely came in contact with, came over to speak with them. In his conversation, he wanted to know about each of them, how long they had been coming to the bar, and what they liked about the restaurant.

It was then that he presented each of them with a brass plaque inscribed with their names. Needless to say, the guys were surprised because he not only knew their names but that he knew who each one was.

Each man was allowed to pick a spot on the restaurant’s wall of fame where their brass plaque would hang, visible to all. When I heard this story from Bob, one of the recipients of the plaque I asked him how he felt. He was surprised, pleased, and proud of the fact that his plaque is keeping company on a wall with others whose names are more well known and in some cases, famous – politicians, mayors, and television and movie stars.

A plaque that cost a few dollars at most provided each of these guys with a sense of pride about being recognized in this very visible manner and tangible knowledge that their business is greatly appreciated. This gesture by the restaurant will most surely result in continued loyalty and positive word of mouth buzz from this small group of customers.

Not everyone can demonstrate their appreciation in this manner. Actions you can take fairly easily include:

– sending a personal handwritten note

– a phone call just to say thank you

– an offer to provide them with a special service for free or at a reduced rate

– creating an honor roll on your site or on Twitter thanking and recognizing clients that have helped you get to where you are

It does not have to be a costly gesture, but one that resonates with your particular audience.

What have you done to let your customers and clients know that you appreciate them?

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November 11, 2010
7:09 pm

Comment :

“I use the Send Out Cards Referral System to automatically generate personalized cards in my own handwriting to reach out to them every few weeks and remind them that we’re here to provide services.

What I find is after a few cards these people are contacting me as if I am an old friend.

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