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Personal Branding: There Is No Substitute

Mary Rosenbaum | August 3rd, 2010

Several months ago I had to find a shoulder specialist. All those overheads and serves had finally taken a toll on my shoulder. I wasn’t at all surprised when friends started providing me with recommendations, each one deemed to be one of the best in NYC. Lucky for me, I had my pick.

To be fair, every doctor recommended was well known and well regarded in their professional community. The doctor I selected was their equal. In one way though, he really stood out. The comments I heard, and later verified with in-person meetings, was that he was a real character, had a great personality, great sense of humor, and was an avid rollerblader and skier. He related to weekend athletes although much of his career was spent treating professionals. Additionally, he believed in passing along his knowledge to the next generation and spent much time teaching his craft in different parts of the world. And lastly, his passion for his work was palpable. In fact, he called himself one of the luckiest men alive.

His story, his personality, and his style, his personal brand, resonated with me and so, I chose him.

Why do your clients or customers choose you? Seth Godin wrote a piece recently about the ease consumers have today in finding substitutes. The ways to make yourself sought after are to provide some unique value and to connect in a way that no substitute can be your equal. Make your personal brand as visible as the credentials that validate you. You will find that your personal brand is often the tipping point in making those final decisions.

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