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Marketing 101

Mary Rosenbaum | August 18th, 2009

What is your marketing plan for getting ahead at work? If it’s keeping your head down and doing a good job and hoping that those who should know about you do, then it’s time to start creating a real plan.

The first step is to understand how you should position yourself and what your real value is to the organization. The value you provide is the basis for your reputation in the company, what you are known for- your personal brand. For many companies value is determined based on the “pain points” they need help with such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, gaining visibility, expanding, managing for growth, etc. Where do you fit in? Can you identify what pain points you help resolve and if not, then perhaps you should be more focused on moving in that direction.

Once you know your value, your personal brand, then you must identify your target audience. Who needs to know about you and your successes for you to gain the acknowledgement and professional growth you desire. Your target audience should consist of current as well as prospective bosses and employers who can propel you in the direction you wish to go.

Creating your communication plan is probably the most difficult step. The task is not to “toot your own horn” but rather to ensure that those in control are aware of your value as well as your goals. Whether it’s through working together or day to day contact the responsibility of communicating your value, your personal brand, rests on your shoulders. Never assume that a job well done is always appreciated and therefore rewarded.  Connect the dots for them and you will create the career you want.