Take a Break – Take Back Control

Mary Rosenbaum | August 4th, 2009

Finding a job is stressful for even the most talented and sought after professional. One way to reduce the stress level that results from “all work and no play” is to make sure that each day includes some activities that reflect your passions and interests. Being authentic to yourself and choosing how you want to spend your “release time” will help you take control of your situation. Here are some ways that may help you release some of the stress and get back the balance you need.

Do something you love every day.

Whether your passion is playing sports or listening to music, the pleasure you derive from these activities gives your mind a mini vacation providing you with a fresher focus when you get back to work. 

 Do something you’ve always wanted to do.

Remember a time when you were learning something new? Time flew by and you felt energized by what you were doing. Ever dreamed of playing the piano, speaking a new language, or playing bridge? Pursuing a new interest gets a different part of your brain functioning and releases it from the constancy of your every day stressful activity.

Get involved by helping others.

Where can you lend a hand that enables you to combine your interests and skills in the service of others? Volunteering forces you to focus on the needs of others and immerses you in something different while providing value to those that need help. Adding value and being productive in an authentic way lets you take control of your situation and reduce the stress.

So give your mind a break and take a break – do something that makes you feel good.