Do you want to take better control of your career or business? Want to Stand Out from the crowd?

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Working IN your job or your business is not the same as working ON your career or business. Getting ahead, growing your career or expanding your business means more than just getting your work done.

To take control of your future means understanding what your value added is, leveraging this knowledge, and then effectively communicating it in all the right places and to all the right people. How you position yourself in the eyes of your target audience and communicate your Personal Brand is key to your success and professional growth.

Whether you are a careerist working inside an organization or an entrepreneur or small business owner, your success is determined by how others view you – your reputation is your personal brand.


  • Self confidence – the ability to target success and achieve it
  • Credibility – be known for your expertise, consistency, reliability
  • Influence – stronger influencing skills lead to greater impact
  • Self awareness – when you know your strengths, you can manage your reputation
  • Authenticity – you can be who you are in everything you do
  • Distinction – stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons
  • Visibility – communicate your brand on and off line


  • Increased income – success has its rewards
  • A clear direction – clearer goals and a more defined path
  • Increased career satisfaction – acknowledgement from others, control over your own destiny, doing what you love


  • Realize your strengths and leverage them
  • Uncover your personal brand
  • Expand your network with purpose
  • Develop a communications plan that delivers the message you want
  • Set attainable goals
  • Take control of your career/business – know where you are going and how to get there

You are unique; so how you perform at work, running your business, or relating to colleagues and clients reflects that special add on that only you can provide.  A coach skilled in personal and leadership branding and career management can help you navigate through this process to ensure a greater understanding of your personal brand. Visit the pages in this website and take the next step to your career success.

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Unearth your unique promise of value and achieve success

Utilizing her experience of over 25 years in positioning professionals, Mary Rosenbaum has developed a unique ability to help you identify and highlight your value added. Your Career By Design provides leadership and personal branding and career management coaching to finance, law, real estate, marketing and sales professionals and entrepreneurs who would like to take control of their careers through a better understanding of their goals and more effective communication of their worth. We provide group and individual coaching to help you unearth your unique promise of value, and create an effective communication/marketing plan.

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"I spent years trying to figure out a way for me to differentiate myself from other professionals in my field. Mary taught me how to understand and articulate my personal brand, one that incorporates a rather eclectic background. Since working with Mary I have more confidence than ever before and am able to effectively use the right communication tools necessary to grow my business and my reputation. Thank you Mary for your patience and understanding."

Rae Carole, Financial Advisor

"Mary has a great approach to coaching, she helps you find your strengths, be aware of your weaknesses and to be honest to yourself. This helps you discover your career path that may not have been evident to you. I was able to look back at my career, find the strengths, gain clarity and work towards a goal oriented career path - taking control of my career."

Rick A. PMP Vice President Operations, Global Investment Bank

Do not follow where the path
may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and
leave a trail.

Harold R. McAlindon